1967 - START

Founded in Mexico City

Founded in Mexico City in 1967 under the name Técnicos Aduanales Asociados, S.A., it begins operations with a corporate purpose for the consolidation, distribution and collection of international air freight.


Company name

In 1970 the company name was changed to Tramitadores Asociados de Aerocarga, S.A. with the same corporate purpose.


The permit

In 1971 with the official letter No. 270-29824, the permit was obtained for the provision of the public service of consolidation, collection and home delivery of international air freight by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.


IATA Agent

In 1972 the Agreement as Cargo Agent was signed with IATA (International Air Transport Association) with current IATA code no. 86-1-7808 / 0004.


TAASA is registered

In 1974 TAASA is registered as a founding member and active to date in the AAADAM (Association of Customs Agents of the International Airport of Mexico City, A.C.).


Customs Patent

In January 1976, Mr. Moisés A. Solís y Ferreyro obtained the Customs Patent No. 552 authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, which is incorporated into TAASA for the expansion of services as an International Freight Consolidation Agency, Customs and Foreign Trade Services.



In December 1982, authorization was obtained to operate the first private CONTROLLED PREMISES located within the TAASA facilities at Av. Texcoco No.14 Col. Peñón de los Baños México, D.F. Postal Code 15520.



In 1985 TAASA registered as a member before FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations).



In 1986 TAASA joined the Mexican Association of Freight Forwarders, A.C. (AMACARGA) as a founding and active partner to date.



In June 1990, confirmation was obtained to continue operating Fiscalized Warehouse No. 1 authorized to TAASA.


Fiscalized Warehouse

In 1991, authorization was obtained to relocate the Fiscalized Warehouse No.1 authorized to TAASA to operate within the Tax Precinct of the Customs of the International Airport of Mexico City.


National Customs Broker License

In 1991, the Customs Agent Moisés A. Solís y Ferreyro obtained authorization to operate in different customs besides the assigned one.


Official Gazette of the Federation

In December 1994 the extension of the term to operate for 20 years plus the Fiscalized Precinct No.1 authorized to TAASA was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.


Sociedad Anónima

In the year 2000, the reform was carried out to transform the company from "Sociedad Anónima to Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable".


Agreement was issued

In December 2002 the Agreement was issued in which the operation of the Customs Broker Moisés A. Solís Ferreyro in all customs offices of the country was canceled, to only operate in the Customs of Nuevo Laredo, Veracruz and Guadalajara, regardless of the assignment.



In 2008, the agreement was issued by which Lic. Moisés Solis Flores was appointed and registered as an Authorized Substitute Customs Broker by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).


General Customs Administration

In December 2009, the agreement was issued by which the General Customs Administration authorizes the extension of the validity period of the concession of the validity period to operate for 20 more years of the Fiscalized Precinct No.1 authorized to TAASA.